Our Sweet Wine Selection
Entwined Vines Winery
  1. White Merlot
    White Merlot
    Entwined Vines White Merlot comes about from the merlot grape, which offers various characteristics of berries. This wine is delicately balanced with sweetness and acidity, flavors of raspberry, and slightly less sweet than our white zinfandel. Serve fully chilled.
  2. White Zinfandel
    White Zinfandel
    Entwined Vines White Zinfandel offers a light refreshing taste, with notes of apple, berries. This uniquely Oklahoma treat is a pleasure to savor fully chilled, literally bursting with sweet fruit flavor and a refreshing, softly fruity finish.
  3. Oklahoma Strawberry White Zinfandel
    Oklahoma Strawberry White Zinfandel
    Entwined Vines Strawberry White Zinfandel is filled with the taste of Lucious strawberries. It is best served fully chilled, and its sweet fruity flavor will have you coming back for more every time.
  4. Oklahoma Pomegranate Blush
    Oklahoma Pomegranate Blush
    This is a light, refreshing and delicious blush wine that finishes slightly drier than the White Zinfandel. The Pomegranate brings a flavor intensity completed with a rounded sweetness, and brilliant color.
  5. Oklahoma Peach Chardonnay
    Oklahoma Peach Chardonnay
    This peach chardonnay is like the taste of summertime with wonderful tastes of fresh peaches accompanied by a sweet decadence. It is best served chilled. Wonderful to sip on a glass on a summer evening or anytime.
  6. Oklahoma Moscato
    Oklahoma Moscato
    Lush, fruity, and delightfully sweet. With juicy peach, and tropical fruit flavors, there's lots to love about this Moscato. Sip it lightly chilled, or mix with frozen fruit, or club soda for a punchy twist. Moscato is widely popular as the new favorite drink for celebrations, but this is a wine you'll be happy to open up any day of the week.
  7. Oklahoma Blackberry Merlot
    Oklahoma Blackberry Merlot
    Dark Red in color, this flavorful wine accentuates the qualities that make the Merlot grape varietal so appealing. The aroma and flavors of dark ripe blackberries merge with the lush richness of berries and fruit that naturally burst from the Merlot grape. Soft, supple and easy drinking: this is a truly wonderful treat.
  8. Oklahoma Honey Mead
    Oklahoma Honey Mead
    This mead is made from Oklahoma Honey, a wonderful treat with hints of honey and a sweetness that makes it wonderful to sip on, or drink by the glass.
  9. Oklahoma Riesling
    Oklahoma Riesling
    This Riesling has a distinctive floral and green apple aroma mixed with mineral elements from its vineyard, giving it a brisk quality. Its high natural level of acidity enables it to balance a hint of residual sugar, setting off aromas of rose petal, apple, pear, peach and apricot and leading to a grand crisp finish of mineral notes.
  10. Oklahoma Chocolate Raspberrry Port Sytle Dessert Wine
    Oklahoma Chocolate Raspberrry Port Sytle Dessert Wine
    Rich, warm and generous in character, this full-bodied twist on a classic has been prepared to meet the demands of the most discerning palates. It is bold with a distinctively wonderful fruity taste of raspberry and a decadent chocolate aftertaste: perfect to complete a meal.
  11. Riesling Ice Wine
    Riesling Ice Wine
    Sweet almost syrupy in texture with a wonderful golden color, Riesling Ice wine is made from the harvest and processing of grapes after the first freeze which allow for higher residual sugar levels, and a more concentration of the riesling grape flavor. This wonderful ice wine is a dynamic balance between sweetness and acidity. Because of the naturally high acid, the finish is crisp and bracing, despite the sweetness.
  12. Cabernet Franc Ice Wine
    Cabernet Franc Ice Wine
    Sweet and rich, almost syrupy in texture with rose and salmon tints, Cabernet Franc Icewine entices with irresistible aromas and flavors: ripe currants, spice notes, tart rhubard, honey, strawberry, and cranberry. Icewine shows off its best when chilled, but not cold. The ideal serving temperature is 50-54 F (10-12 C). Food pairings: excellent on its own as a "dessert in a glass," or as a complement to chocolate or red fruit desserts.